Time Will Tell
A game about a dinosaur named William and a caveman named Simon. William is supposedly on a quest to collect the five Time Orbs and rescue humanity in the far future from an evil something enslaving I don't know what that evil something is, I'm just description text.

Carl the Caiman: The Ten Dollar Bill of Glory
A long long time ago, the Ten Dollar Bill of Glory was printed. It must have been important, after all, the phrase "of Glory" was included in its name. The Bill, however, has found its way into the evil clutches of Literally Satan. Carl the Caiman, upon learning about this mysterious artifact from the back page of some random tabloid, takes a few weeks of vacation time from his boring day job (specifically, all the vacation time he has for the whole year) to find his way to Flipping Hell, defeat Literally Satan, and reclaim the Ten Dollar Bill of Glory for his town of Swampton...primarily so he can live off of the fame and fortune from being a platform game hero instead of working at his boring day job. By the way, Carl's species, the Caiman, is sort of like a crocodile, but sort of also like an alligator.