Oh, so you want to hear me talk about things in video form, huh? Well, check out the following categories:

Esolang Series

Ever wanted to use a programming language that looked like abstract art? What about one where you need to ask "please" about once every four commands? What about one where the designer said "screw you, people who use this programming language"? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might want to get that checked, but you may also be interested in esolangs! Esolangs areprogramming laugages designed to be weird and/or difficult to use. In this series, I force myself to use them and demonstrate the programs that I made.
Old Programming Languages / Game Engines Series

This series is sort of similar to my other one, except that the topic is different. This time, it is old programming languages. I started doing too many episodes about game engines, so I guess that's a series within this series now.

Eek, Its Bowser!

Bowser Koopa is back, and this time he has the Star Rod...the tool that lets him change Paper Mario through the use of mods! Now, Bowser can pull all sorts of tricks on Mario, such as blocking his path with overpowered enemies, creating a new boss with 100 HP, and replacing all of the items in the game with Cleanser (an item that does nothing). One of Bowser's minions, Rex, is attempting to make it to the end of the mod and complete the game. Who will prevail? I don't know, I probably won't get that far into this series...